Cam McDonald

NMIT student studying Visual Arts. Created a blog for the "plan and carry out image capture in response to a brief".

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slow Shutter

Vic Market

Hang Time

The man himself

another piece of the body of art project. without his/her legs.

A coffee table done at high school. i didn't have enough money to buy the two sheets of glass before the exhibition which left a lot of people confused to what it actually was.

A series I did a long time ago in high school. portraits of my brother displaying different emotions. 25mm silver gel film with an analogue ricoh camera and used a number 5 filter for the contrast if i remember properly.

just a photo a did for i mates band, thats him in the middle. buttifest 10' at the evelyn hotel on brunswick st. april 10th

body of work. cubist face from charcoal smudged with toilet paper.

body of work assignment. thanks to lance, hannah, laura, lyn, sarah and jacinta.

botanical theme. composed after a visit to the gardens.

work photoshopped with the works of maggie taylor. inspired by her own way of incorporating photography into painting like works.

a work done in class relating to corporal punishment. anonymous power versus open vulnerability.


  1. That is amazing, i love the way you have layered your work. great job, keep it up...

  2. It seems Laura likes the work Cameron,
    and so do I!

  3. Interesting work. Looking forward to seeing some stuff from your sketch book.

  4. All visual arts 1st year students.
    Please bring to class (5/5/10) the required images for the Powerpoint project (12-18 images).
    visit my blog if you have lost your brief for this project.
    Also make sure you have scanned and uploaded to the server and your blog, two slides/negatives.

  5. Hey Cameron can you lace your art links on the right hand side of your blog.
    You've got some great shots in the main body of your blog but it's all in one blog entry.
    Break it all up and put it into groups of works.

  6. I like the 'band' photograph. It's good. :)